‘I once dreamed about…’



“Dream” A word that has so many aspects for a person.!! For some an imaginary world,for some a part of past life,for some an intuition,for some a ‘reality’. I think dream is the only word with the most philosophical meanings attached to it.

The dream is not that you see in sleep , dream is which does not let you sleep. ~Dr. Abdul Kalam (Former President of Republic of India)

However my funda of dreams are quite clear,you dream what you have been thinking all day and then I there by think yesss I have solved my problem but then bamm that is where the problem starts. The only problem is you dream what you have been thinking or watching all day and it could be anything, AND I MEAN ANYTHING.!! I feel so sorry for the poor corporate guys,the poor people even dream about their work,I know it because I’ve seen my cousin muttering about his work while sleep talking.However while I still have the freedom to do things coz i am not employed.And trust me  mine are way to different then theirs,veryyy different.here are some points of differences. 😀

  •  I am an unemployed guy and I enjoy the freedom to chill with my friends while my corporate working cousins have to spend whole day with the selfish office staff.
  •  while I am unemployed and unmarried most of my time is spent watching stuffs that i can even mention here,and you can very well imagine the weird dreams resulting out of it 😀 hope I never sleep talk it. *fingers crossed* 😛

Never underestimate a dream,It has the power to bring a change to your life and change fate of the nation.It was the dream of business tycoons like Dhiru Bhai Ambani,Bill gates that took them to those heights and also it was a Dream of a hand full of people that ignited the fire of revolt against Britishers in the mind of Indians.A dream can motivate you while on the other hand make you realize all the aspects and stops you from taking any stupid steps,such is the beauty of the dreams that are embedded in the most beautiful creation of nature called ‘Mind’.

I once dreamed about falling freely in an abyss and had a near heart attack,

In your teenage there are so many things that attract you and trust me the bad one is the more appealing and as expected I couldn’t stop myself from appealing and glittering things during my teenage and that was the time when I once dreamed about my parents came to know everything about me I woke up in the middle of the night sweating.

Dreams speak in the most deeply symbolic language,Most of the dreams are actually too embarrassing to share.Isn’ it? Understand the meaning behind them as they are somewhere related to what you feel and think, as no dream is useless.


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Letter to a 10 year old.


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


My Dear little Pen friend,

Its been so long I actually replied to your letter.How are you? How is your scoochy? hope he is alright and sleeping next to you.You told me about the nightmare you had in your last letter,from next time hug scoochy tightly before sleeping,his plastic nose will be a bit uncomfortable but his furry body will boo away all the things that scares you at night.

belated happy birthday to you.You are a big boy now,just like your favorite batman said “with great power comes great responsibility”,ohkay ohkay!! I know it was spiderman’s uncle.haha.! but now that you are a big boy you need to be more focused on the path you are going to take,and those paths will take you to long term happiness.Don’t do anything bad or hurt anyone in your life intentionally or unintentionally.Learn to apologize when you are wrong.

The friends you are going to make now are the one with whom you are going to spend a large amount of time.so choose you friends wisely.And how is that special little friend of yours you were talking about?

When you grow up and see the world around you changing, don’t be afraid to face it. Show them your strength big boy.These are the best times of your life cherish it or it shall never come back.Don’t just stick to computer or television,go out and play,learn to dance or go out and play.

Respect your parents always,whenever they are sad or angry just go on touch their feets,say sorryand hug them and don’t let them go until they forgive you,trust me my friend this trick always works.Haha !!

So I am concluding this letter with this.will be waiting for your reply.

Yours lovingly,

Pen friend.

Women Safety and The Government !!


Its really disheartening when I hear on news every now and then women,daughters,kids getting raped now and then.Something is wrong with this country,not the people but the government.Every country has the same amount of criminals residing,so you just cant blame people for it.You can very well say that government is comprised of the people residing in a country and in a democratic country government is by the people of the people and for the people.According to my personal experience and opinion Morals acts as street light but fear of the god or law keeps him on the right path.Unless and until there is fear of law and order in our country things like these cant be brought to minimum as these things cant be stopped.I don’t support the fear of life after they have committed crime but fear should be in the minds of criminal before committing one.

Every country comprises of the same quality of people on a broader scale,its just the law and order and the functioning of government that makes them different.In our country the time has come when government has mistaken itself as the supreme power and started ignoring the call of the youth and masses.Govt has records of all the rapes in NCR ,Mumbai and the other metro cities,but what about the daughters and sisters that gets raped in the North eastern regions of the country and no one in center even comes to know about that,Some go missing and never return,they just manage to grab attention in news for a minute or two and disappear forever,no one never remembers,even their poor and helpless family members compromise with there destiny and move on.

This country needs both law and political reforms.A country that is ruled by the leaders that know how to tackle situations instead of sitting in their AC rooms and ordering to fire water canons,and tear gas on the youth.Gandhi,netaji never dreamt of a country ruled by leaders who have so much money stored in their swiss accounts that is enough to run this country for years.

PS:- This post was the outcome of the frustration which almost every youth of the society is feeling.

Chris Martin Writes

It’s a typical morning. My dreams dissolve into the sound of two little girls running up and down the hallway. Birds chirp outside the window as golden sunlight trickles in through the half-open blinds. Wiping the sleep from my eyes, I greet my wife with a kiss and stumble into the kitchen. With the press of a button, frothy hot liquid pours into my mug. The aroma brings a smile to my face.

Thousands of miles away, a young man sits on the damp earth, trembling. Bombing continued throughout the night, shaking the very ground beneath him. His eyes burn from lack of sleep. He grips the M16 rifle across his lap with both hands as his thoughts drift away to a normal life he can barely remember. Tears dampen his face as he recalls the last words his mother spoke to him right before he left.

After hugging the…

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The Last Guy !!

It was a stormy,thunderous night,

Lightening and falling trees shook everyone to the core ,

5 strangers were stuck in an old cottage,fear could be easily seen on their pale faces,

Almighty have some mercy on us-Said first

We’ll never be able to make it out of here alive-said second

OMG what to do now-Panicked  third

God wants to punish one of us for the sins he committed-said forth

Don’t worry brother everything will be alright-said fifth

Everybody agreed with the forth guy.but what to be done?

They decided everyone will go outside one by one and come back after touching the tree standing few meters away from the old cottage , if he was the one whom god wants to punish,lightening will fall upon him and rest of them can go home.

First guy stepped out afraid,repeatedly murmuring God’s name,

touched the tree and came back nothing happened,

Its was now the turn of the second, he succeeded too,

similarly the third and the forth,

Now they all turned to the fifth one,

“So he is the nasty atheist cause of whom we have to face the wrath of almighty” : everyone saying in their mind with a wicked smile on their face.

His face turned pale,he dint wanted to leave the old cottage,but everyone pushed him out and told him they’ll take him back inside only when he touches the tree and comes back.

He slowly stepped out ,his legs were trembling ,

he reached near the old tree,as he was about to touched it,

the clouds thundered,the sky turned white with the lightening,

he closed his eyes,shrugged his shoulder ,this was the end,

But to his surprise nothing happened,he opened his eyes and he was alive,

He turned back happily to run back inside the old cottage

but the old cottage was burning !!!


(PS- I Read it many years back,Rewrote it to share it with you all)

Happily ever after in their separate lives :) :)

They were the best buddies,

he was average, she was bright in studies,

whole day they used to chat,

friends used to think she is falling for this brat,

till one night when she proposed and they decided to give it a try

but with no commitments and no bheja fry,

let it be over with the college, they took life too easy,

after all they still are friends but  things got worse when they fell in love,

started hanging out like a pair of dove

where to go, whom to complain they thought,

let’s accept it as destiny they thought,

there was no scope for any fights between them coz they were still best of the friends,

He was strong,She was his strength,

She loved him ,He taught her to love,

before the actual day of separation there came a time when came out the frustration,

the frustration of separation,the frustration of fear,the frustration of nothing can’t be done,

they had their families, they had their lives,

there was no scope to stand and stare ,coz it was decided to move on with their lives

time came when they had to separate, they simply hugged each other kissed and said good bye,

Somewhere down below they kept asking God why,

but it was all decided they were supposed to say good bye,

still they feel each other, still they care,

still they smile but the genuine smile is rare,

hope they stay happy in their lives

Happily ever after in there separate lives 🙂

Roshesh’s Poems

yeh hai teen pair waala kutta,
Isko kabhi Bhagaana nahi padta,
susu karte waqt use pair uthaana nahi padta,
yeh hai teen pair waala kutta!!!!!!

Sunehera sa rang hai tera
ankhein jaise moti
lash jaise dikhti hai jab
Khule ankh se soti
Machhli pup pup pup pup
pup pup pup pup
kissy de do choti choti
(Maya interrupts…)

uff ye Kabz
ye acidity
uff ye roz
jana 1 ghanta bathroom
ye blue tile ke bich white white
toilet jaise neele aasman ke bich
baadal maasoom

 pud pud pud pud pud pud ubalta pani…
pani mei ooble chawal ki jawani…
jawan ho ker chawal sajayenge thali… seene se lagayenge daal kali kali…

 bhopu bhopu aya dekho… idli vala raju pardesi…
kale pyare chehre per daat bade aur ankhein zara c…

roshni gar na ho aur raju khada ho sath, andhere me nazar ayenge uske sirf char chamakte daat….Momaa ka purse jaise hospital ki pyaari si koi nurse

Purse mein rakha tissue paper karta hai paseene ka ilaaj

Aur lipstick ho jaise bhookhe honton ka anaaj
Momaa ke purse ka hai makhmali sa sparsh
Momaa ka purse
Momaa ka purse

“Khatar khun khatar khun khatar khun
Sun mere dil ki dhun
Tere pyaar ki oiling mil gayi isey
Toh khatar khun ka ho jaayega gun gun “

“In the living room of Sarabhai’s………
Hogi Saahil Bhai ki sagaai………..
Agley mahiney………..
Priya Bhabhi phuli na samaai
Yeah Yeah Yeah…………… “

“Tum bin jaise mai raaste ka andha bhikhari
Thodi blessings daan me de do
Thodi mamta tumhari
Momma ho momma ho… “

“Ek Common Man Ko Mili He Pari
Jese Chiku Ke saath Ho Strawberry
Aage Aage Mummy Aur Piche Piche Daddy
Jaise Ho Tom And Jerry “

“Ghanan ghanan ghanan ghanan
Badalo se aaye pehla soorya kiran
Datton ke liye danta manjan
Aur pet ke liye kaayam chooran “

“Hawa mein hain khushi ki aroma
Jeet gayi momma, jeet gayi momma
Say hi to happiness n tata to trauma
Jeet gayi momma, jeet gayi momma “

“Lagul lagul lagul lagul
Laal laal lagul lagul JELLY
Jelly ke cabre dancer jaise shareer mein chhupi hai
Anjaani ankahee paheli

jelly hai moma ka mann
Narm mulayam meetha
Pasand hai ise har koi
Sangeeta rita mita aneeta

Jelly giri zameen par
To awaaz aayi PLUP PLUP!
Baccha usme haath maare
To sunai deti hai THUP THUP!

Jelly par kabhi fungus na lage
Uska swaad kabhi bhankas na lage
agar bachani hai hume hamari

“Tumhe samjhe toh mujhe bhi samjhana,
Kyu hai mera jeevan itna khokla,
Jaise koi basi aur sada hua khaman dhokla…. “

“Aasman mein uud raha hai kabutar ….
Aasman mein uud raha hai kabutar ….

“Popat Kaka ki atma ka Popat ud gaya ud gaya ud gaya rey…
Shristey k sajjan haath se popat jud gaya jud gaya jud gaya rey…

“Humpty dumpty sat on the ‘gadi’
Gadi pe betha tabhi aa gayi dadi
Dadi ne kaha aaja mere paas
Kyuki gadi pe bethna is just so middle class.”











Is Man a social animal?? well as far as i know i keep retaliating this fact but in the end succumb to it!! you are a lucky bastard if you don’t die alone on this planet!! relationships are the feelings that are beyond understanding of humans no matter how much they learn about the psychology of the others but who is gonna study the psychology of the one’s studying others?? yeah i know i am sounding weird. It is really impossible to live alone for a normal man. Remember being antisocial is also a way of getting social.

A man spends his life being in relationships. No human can stand alone on this earth,its support can be anything from his family to his work.Yes even work can support!! Go be Workaholic and you won’t need a living organism around you.

Relationships are the most unpredictable thing.Even the animals know how to maintain relations.Relationships not only involve getting to know each other but also a simple interaction.

I’ve spent 5 years of my life in 3 different cities and their is no way you can be alone unless you are crazy..ohh wait even the craziest and the lamest people have friends 🙂

So go ahead be in relationships  but be honest be anything brother ,sister ,son ,husband, wife ,live-in simply anything 🙂

आज फिर कुछ लिखने का जी कर रहा है !

आज  फिर  कुछ  लिखने  का जी  कर  रहा  है,
आज  फिर  पीने का   जी  कर  रहा  है ,
भर  गए  थे  जो  घाव ,
अज  फिर  उन्हें  कुरेदने  का  जी  कर  रहा  है ,
आज  फिर  कुछ  लिखने  का  जी  कर  रहा  है ,
छोड़   आये   थे जो  गलियां ,
आज  फिर  उन  गलियों  से  गुजरने  का जी  कर  रहा  है ,
छोड़  ए  थे  जो  जाम  उन्हें  फिर  पीने  का   जी  कर  रहा  है ,
यूँ ही    नहीं  निकलती इस दिल  से  दुआ ,
आज  फिर  गम में  डूबने  का  जी  कर  रहा  है ,
आज  फिर  कुछ  लिखने  का जी  कर  रहा है ,
अभी तो  संभाला था  हमने  होश ,
आज   फिर  होश  खोने  का जी  कर  रहा  है ,
आज  फिर  कुछ  लिखने  का  जी  कर  रहा  है !
By Anonymous Nerd Posted in my

Being Woman

A man was complaining, “Oh Lord,please have mercy on me, I work so hard, meanwhile my wife stays at home. I would give anything if you would grant me one wish ‘switch me  into my wife’ she’s got it easy at home.I want to teach her a lesson of how tough a man’s life is.” As God was listening he felt sorry for this soul and granted his wish.Next morning the ‘new woman’ wakes up at dawn, makes lunch boxes,prepares breakfast, wakes up the kids for school, puts a load of clothes in the washer, takes the meat out of the freezer, drives the kids to school, on his way back stop at the gas station,
cashes a check, pays the electricity and phone bills, picks up some clothes from the cleaners, quickly goes to the market.
It was 1: 00 o’clock already, he made the beds, took the clothes out of the washer and put another load in, he  vacuumed the house, made some rice, went to pick up the kids from school and then had an argument with the kids. As soon as he got home he fed the kids, washed the dirty dishes, he hung the damp clothes he had washed on the chairs because it was raining outside. He helped the kids with their homework, watched some TV while he ironed some clothes, prepared dinner, he gave the kids a bath and put them to sleep. At 9:00 p.m. he was so tired and he went to bed. Of course there was some more duties and somehow he managed to get them done and finally fell asleep. The next morning he prays to God once again, “Oh Lord, what was I thinking when I asked you to grant my wish, I can’ t take it anymore. I beg you please switch me back to myself, please oh please.” Then he heard God’s voice speaking to him, saying, “Dear son, of course I’ll switch you back into yourself but there’s one minor detail, you will have to wait 9 months because last night you got pregnant.”