Women Safety and The Government !!


Its really disheartening when I hear on news every now and then women,daughters,kids getting raped now and then.Something is wrong with this country,not the people but the government.Every country has the same amount of criminals residing,so you just cant blame people for it.You can very well say that government is comprised of the people residing in a country and in a democratic country government is by the people of the people and for the people.According to my personal experience and opinion Morals acts as street light but fear of the god or law keeps him on the right path.Unless and until there is fear of law and order in our country things like these cant be brought to minimum as these things cant be stopped.I don’t support the fear of life after they have committed crime but fear should be in the minds of criminal before committing one.

Every country comprises of the same quality of people on a broader scale,its just the law and order and the functioning of government that makes them different.In our country the time has come when government has mistaken itself as the supreme power and started ignoring the call of the youth and masses.Govt has records of all the rapes in NCR ,Mumbai and the other metro cities,but what about the daughters and sisters that gets raped in the North eastern regions of the country and no one in center even comes to know about that,Some go missing and never return,they just manage to grab attention in news for a minute or two and disappear forever,no one never remembers,even their poor and helpless family members compromise with there destiny and move on.

This country needs both law and political reforms.A country that is ruled by the leaders that know how to tackle situations instead of sitting in their AC rooms and ordering to fire water canons,and tear gas on the youth.Gandhi,netaji never dreamt of a country ruled by leaders who have so much money stored in their swiss accounts that is enough to run this country for years.

PS:- This post was the outcome of the frustration which almost every youth of the society is feeling.


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