‘I once dreamed about…’



“Dream” A word that has so many aspects for a person.!! For some an imaginary world,for some a part of past life,for some an intuition,for some a ‘reality’. I think dream is the only word with the most philosophical meanings attached to it.

The dream is not that you see in sleep , dream is which does not let you sleep. ~Dr. Abdul Kalam (Former President of Republic of India)

However my funda of dreams are quite clear,you dream what you have been thinking all day and then I there by think yesss I have solved my problem but then bamm that is where the problem starts. The only problem is you dream what you have been thinking or watching all day and it could be anything, AND I MEAN ANYTHING.!! I feel so sorry for the poor corporate guys,the poor people even dream about their work,I know it because I’ve seen my cousin muttering about his work while sleep talking.However while I still have the freedom to do things coz i am not employed.And trust me  mine are way to different then theirs,veryyy different.here are some points of differences. 😀

  •  I am an unemployed guy and I enjoy the freedom to chill with my friends while my corporate working cousins have to spend whole day with the selfish office staff.
  •  while I am unemployed and unmarried most of my time is spent watching stuffs that i can even mention here,and you can very well imagine the weird dreams resulting out of it 😀 hope I never sleep talk it. *fingers crossed* 😛

Never underestimate a dream,It has the power to bring a change to your life and change fate of the nation.It was the dream of business tycoons like Dhiru Bhai Ambani,Bill gates that took them to those heights and also it was a Dream of a hand full of people that ignited the fire of revolt against Britishers in the mind of Indians.A dream can motivate you while on the other hand make you realize all the aspects and stops you from taking any stupid steps,such is the beauty of the dreams that are embedded in the most beautiful creation of nature called ‘Mind’.

I once dreamed about falling freely in an abyss and had a near heart attack,

In your teenage there are so many things that attract you and trust me the bad one is the more appealing and as expected I couldn’t stop myself from appealing and glittering things during my teenage and that was the time when I once dreamed about my parents came to know everything about me I woke up in the middle of the night sweating.

Dreams speak in the most deeply symbolic language,Most of the dreams are actually too embarrassing to share.Isn’ it? Understand the meaning behind them as they are somewhere related to what you feel and think, as no dream is useless.


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