Happily ever after in their separate lives :) :)

They were the best buddies,

he was average, she was bright in studies,

whole day they used to chat,

friends used to think she is falling for this brat,

till one night when she proposed and they decided to give it a try

but with no commitments and no bheja fry,

let it be over with the college, they took life too easy,

after all they still are friends but  things got worse when they fell in love,

started hanging out like a pair of dove

where to go, whom to complain they thought,

let’s accept it as destiny they thought,

there was no scope for any fights between them coz they were still best of the friends,

He was strong,She was his strength,

She loved him ,He taught her to love,

before the actual day of separation there came a time when came out the frustration,

the frustration of separation,the frustration of fear,the frustration of nothing can’t be done,

they had their families, they had their lives,

there was no scope to stand and stare ,coz it was decided to move on with their lives

time came when they had to separate, they simply hugged each other kissed and said good bye,

Somewhere down below they kept asking God why,

but it was all decided they were supposed to say good bye,

still they feel each other, still they care,

still they smile but the genuine smile is rare,

hope they stay happy in their lives

Happily ever after in there separate lives 🙂