The Last Guy !!

It was a stormy,thunderous night,

Lightening and falling trees shook everyone to the core ,

5 strangers were stuck in an old cottage,fear could be easily seen on their pale faces,

Almighty have some mercy on us-Said first

We’ll never be able to make it out of here alive-said second

OMG what to do now-Panicked  third

God wants to punish one of us for the sins he committed-said forth

Don’t worry brother everything will be alright-said fifth

Everybody agreed with the forth guy.but what to be done?

They decided everyone will go outside one by one and come back after touching the tree standing few meters away from the old cottage , if he was the one whom god wants to punish,lightening will fall upon him and rest of them can go home.

First guy stepped out afraid,repeatedly murmuring God’s name,

touched the tree and came back nothing happened,

Its was now the turn of the second, he succeeded too,

similarly the third and the forth,

Now they all turned to the fifth one,

“So he is the nasty atheist cause of whom we have to face the wrath of almighty” : everyone saying in their mind with a wicked smile on their face.

His face turned pale,he dint wanted to leave the old cottage,but everyone pushed him out and told him they’ll take him back inside only when he touches the tree and comes back.

He slowly stepped out ,his legs were trembling ,

he reached near the old tree,as he was about to touched it,

the clouds thundered,the sky turned white with the lightening,

he closed his eyes,shrugged his shoulder ,this was the end,

But to his surprise nothing happened,he opened his eyes and he was alive,

He turned back happily to run back inside the old cottage

but the old cottage was burning !!!


(PS- I Read it many years back,Rewrote it to share it with you all)