Is Man a social animal?? well as far as i know i keep retaliating this fact but in the end succumb to it!! you are a lucky bastard if you don’t die alone on this planet!! relationships are the feelings that are beyond understanding of humans no matter how much they learn about the psychology of the others but who is gonna study the psychology of the one’s studying others?? yeah i know i am sounding weird. It is really impossible to live alone for a normal man. Remember being antisocial is also a way of getting social.

A man spends his life being in relationships. No human can stand alone on this earth,its support can be anything from his family to his work.Yes even work can support!! Go be Workaholic and you won’t need a living organism around you.

Relationships are the most unpredictable thing.Even the animals know how to maintain relations.Relationships not only involve getting to know each other but also a simple interaction.

I’ve spent 5 years of my life in 3 different cities and their is no way you can be alone unless you are crazy..ohh wait even the craziest and the lamest people have friends 🙂

So go ahead be in relationships  but be honest be anything brother ,sister ,son ,husband, wife ,live-in simply anything 🙂


One comment on “Relationships!!

  1. यह वेबलॉग अद्भुत है. वहाँ हमेशा मेरी उंगलियों के विचारों में आदर्श जानकारी के सब. धन्यवाद और उत्कृष्ट काम करते रहो!

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