Letter to a 10 year old.


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My Dear little Pen friend,

Its been so long I actually replied to your letter.How are you? How is your scoochy? hope he is alright and sleeping next to you.You told me about the nightmare you had in your last letter,from next time hug scoochy tightly before sleeping,his plastic nose will be a bit uncomfortable but his furry body will boo away all the things that scares you at night.

belated happy birthday to you.You are a big boy now,just like your favorite batman said “with great power comes great responsibility”,ohkay ohkay!! I know it was spiderman’s uncle.haha.! but now that you are a big boy you need to be more focused on the path you are going to take,and those paths will take you to long term happiness.Don’t do anything bad or hurt anyone in your life intentionally or unintentionally.Learn to apologize when you are wrong.

The friends you are going to make now are the one with whom you are going to spend a large amount of time.so choose you friends wisely.And how is that special little friend of yours you were talking about?

When you grow up and see the world around you changing, don’t be afraid to face it. Show them your strength big boy.These are the best times of your life cherish it or it shall never come back.Don’t just stick to computer or television,go out and play,learn to dance or go out and play.

Respect your parents always,whenever they are sad or angry just go on touch their feets,say sorryand hug them and don’t let them go until they forgive you,trust me my friend this trick always works.Haha !!

So I am concluding this letter with this.will be waiting for your reply.

Yours lovingly,

Pen friend.


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