Women Safety and The Government !!


Its really disheartening when I hear on news every now and then women,daughters,kids getting raped now and then.Something is wrong with this country,not the people but the government.Every country has the same amount of criminals residing,so you just cant blame people for it.You can very well say that government is comprised of the people residing in a country and in a democratic country government is by the people of the people and for the people.According to my personal experience and opinion Morals acts as street light but fear of the god or law keeps him on the right path.Unless and until there is fear of law and order in our country things like these cant be brought to minimum as these things cant be stopped.I don’t support the fear of life after they have committed crime but fear should be in the minds of criminal before committing one.

Every country comprises of the same quality of people on a broader scale,its just the law and order and the functioning of government that makes them different.In our country the time has come when government has mistaken itself as the supreme power and started ignoring the call of the youth and masses.Govt has records of all the rapes in NCR ,Mumbai and the other metro cities,but what about the daughters and sisters that gets raped in the North eastern regions of the country and no one in center even comes to know about that,Some go missing and never return,they just manage to grab attention in news for a minute or two and disappear forever,no one never remembers,even their poor and helpless family members compromise with there destiny and move on.

This country needs both law and political reforms.A country that is ruled by the leaders that know how to tackle situations instead of sitting in their AC rooms and ordering to fire water canons,and tear gas on the youth.Gandhi,netaji never dreamt of a country ruled by leaders who have so much money stored in their swiss accounts that is enough to run this country for years.

PS:- This post was the outcome of the frustration which almost every youth of the society is feeling.


Happily ever after in their separate lives :) :)

They were the best buddies,

he was average, she was bright in studies,

whole day they used to chat,

friends used to think she is falling for this brat,

till one night when she proposed and they decided to give it a try

but with no commitments and no bheja fry,

let it be over with the college, they took life too easy,

after all they still are friends but  things got worse when they fell in love,

started hanging out like a pair of dove

where to go, whom to complain they thought,

let’s accept it as destiny they thought,

there was no scope for any fights between them coz they were still best of the friends,

He was strong,She was his strength,

She loved him ,He taught her to love,

before the actual day of separation there came a time when came out the frustration,

the frustration of separation,the frustration of fear,the frustration of nothing can’t be done,

they had their families, they had their lives,

there was no scope to stand and stare ,coz it was decided to move on with their lives

time came when they had to separate, they simply hugged each other kissed and said good bye,

Somewhere down below they kept asking God why,

but it was all decided they were supposed to say good bye,

still they feel each other, still they care,

still they smile but the genuine smile is rare,

hope they stay happy in their lives

Happily ever after in there separate lives 🙂











Is Man a social animal?? well as far as i know i keep retaliating this fact but in the end succumb to it!! you are a lucky bastard if you don’t die alone on this planet!! relationships are the feelings that are beyond understanding of humans no matter how much they learn about the psychology of the others but who is gonna study the psychology of the one’s studying others?? yeah i know i am sounding weird. It is really impossible to live alone for a normal man. Remember being antisocial is also a way of getting social.

A man spends his life being in relationships. No human can stand alone on this earth,its support can be anything from his family to his work.Yes even work can support!! Go be Workaholic and you won’t need a living organism around you.

Relationships are the most unpredictable thing.Even the animals know how to maintain relations.Relationships not only involve getting to know each other but also a simple interaction.

I’ve spent 5 years of my life in 3 different cities and their is no way you can be alone unless you are crazy..ohh wait even the craziest and the lamest people have friends 🙂

So go ahead be in relationships  but be honest be anything brother ,sister ,son ,husband, wife ,live-in simply anything 🙂

आज फिर कुछ लिखने का जी कर रहा है !

आज  फिर  कुछ  लिखने  का जी  कर  रहा  है,
आज  फिर  पीने का   जी  कर  रहा  है ,
भर  गए  थे  जो  घाव ,
अज  फिर  उन्हें  कुरेदने  का  जी  कर  रहा  है ,
आज  फिर  कुछ  लिखने  का  जी  कर  रहा  है ,
छोड़   आये   थे जो  गलियां ,
आज  फिर  उन  गलियों  से  गुजरने  का जी  कर  रहा  है ,
छोड़  ए  थे  जो  जाम  उन्हें  फिर  पीने  का   जी  कर  रहा  है ,
यूँ ही    नहीं  निकलती इस दिल  से  दुआ ,
आज  फिर  गम में  डूबने  का  जी  कर  रहा  है ,
आज  फिर  कुछ  लिखने  का जी  कर  रहा है ,
अभी तो  संभाला था  हमने  होश ,
आज   फिर  होश  खोने  का जी  कर  रहा  है ,
आज  फिर  कुछ  लिखने  का  जी  कर  रहा  है !
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Another Ordinary Evening

Ayana comes to me chuckling in her super excited stuttering voice “chachu, ghummi.” I saw my watch It was 4pm yawning time for every grown ups but she was so excited as it was the time for her to go to the park or in otherways a place she could discover all the things she could,see all the new things,do everything elders stopped her from doing at home, become a free bird a queen of her wishes she could go out and have a real good time.

But I pulled up my quilt and tried to sleep(i do this always as i love nagging her) but she was too determined for me she pulled away my quilt with her tiny hands climbing up me continuously shouting out “chachu ghummi” (now in an irritated tone). Finally i got up and she was so excited waving her hands to her mumma “Ta ta Gud bye”, she went holding my hand or my finger was enough for her to hold with her tiny little hand.She went like the most obedient girl in the world as i had already made her well understood that any notorious activity will make her back and ill not take her to the park next time.

On reaching park couldn’t see a single child there i wondered what she will do here alone. But kids find happiness in almost everything you or me cant even imagine,form running alone to climbing poles to collecting sticks almost everything and for her the best part was when i used to scold her and chase her and then she wuold not stop running she falls but gets up and then starts running again,from running halfway ground just to wave “bye bye” to aeroplane to shouting at a Dog (Duyi as she calls).

I wonder sitting on a bench close enough about what my parents would have thought while raising me up about the expectations the reasons behind their scoldings the meaning of their care..

Bringing her back is another excercise as she would just not come.giving every lame excuse she can tryng to fool me ,butter me, trying to divert my mind and finally using her tears as the final weapon.

she comes back tired, dirty leaving me most beautiful memories.. 🙂 🙂

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New Year Resolutions

heyy Friends this is my new Blog and this is my First post. Check out my another blog here . Last year has been one of the most beautiful year of my life:

  • Got Placed in a MNC.
  •  Learned Many things from last year.
  •  Got another lovable niece. [Anvita]
  • Faced some of the worse phase of my life which taught me to move on.
  •  Also revised a fact (which i forgot but some gems recalled me again) “LIFE KEEPS MOVING ON”
  • There were some People who were with me no matter what happened,Supported me no matter what happens.
  •  And most important I was alive in 2011 or “SURVIVED” It to see another most beautiful year coming.

Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.
Mark Twain

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